We develop web applications using modern technologies and the latest web standards, such as HTML5 and CSS3. In addition, we use various frontend frameworks. Depending on the application, we use tried and tested standard software solutions, such as Typo3, Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

Development of web applications

We equip your website with tailor-made applications to make your processes and data available online via all types of device. The trend is shifting away from offline applications towards web-based cloud solutions.

Development of custom software

Software specifically tailored to your business soon pays off, saving you time and resources. We can develop custom software in accordance with your individual business requirements.

Quality assurance

Have you got performance problems? We can analyse them for you by means of a wide range of tools and identify the bottleneck. Are you unsure whether your program code complies with the latest technical standards, works efficiently and is written in a sustainable manner? We carry out a code review for you and compile a detailed report of the weaknesses or points in need of optimisation.

Database design

We realise the importance of specifications for customised software solutions, and can create a tailor-made data structure to match your workflow. We create a robust, high-performance, sustainable database, which is tailored to your requirements and allows for modifications to be made, as required, and large quantities of data to be processed quickly. Afterwards we make sure that the system runs smoothly when it goes live. It goes without saying that we provide support in the event of errors or problems.


When developing software, we use agile programming methods tested by us. At customer request, we can of course also use classic methods. However, in the case of past projects, the agile method has proved to be the most effective approach. Multiple feedback iterations with the stakeholders for each module and in every project phase produce the desired project outcome.