Feel like shopping?

We can create unique digital shop solutions adapted to the merging of sales channels and changed consumer behaviour. That means our software systems are suitable for mobile use and are scalable in accordance with the guidelines for performance optimisation. Moreover, we’re geared to international solutions, allowing your shop to be used for other countries and markets without delay. We integrate all payment service providers and use a shop design appropriate for the target audience.

Growth & Optimization

Are you one of the lucky ones whose business environment is growing? Do your applications take account of this growth and stand up to the new conditions? We’re specialized in planning and optimising applications, websites and online shops for scalability and performance right from the start. The environment is complemented by solutions for failover and load balancing. This means that the online shop remains functional even when hit by an onslaught of users.

Performance analysis

  • Loadbalancer 50%
  • Webshop 64%
  • NFS Filesystem 22%
  • Netzworktraffic 77%